The Hong Kong Community College Alumni Association, PolyU (HKCCAA, PolyU) was officially formed on 6 June 2005. At present, the number of members totals over 8,297. All graduates (from 2003 onwards) are invited to join.

HKCCAA, PolyU aims to maintain the relationship amongst graduates, facilitate the ongoing development between HKCC and alumni, and strengthen the ties between alumni of HKCCAA, PolyU and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. By joining HKCCAA, PolyU, members will automatically become a member of the Federation of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Alumni Associations (FHKPUAA).

Eligible applicants who apply for the membership of HKCCAA, PolyU now will be entitled to a waiver of the lifelong membership fee (subject to written confirmation of membership renewal from members once in every two years) and various benefits. For details of the application procedures, please click here.

We look forward to your becoming a member of HKCCAA, PolyU.