Get a PolyU Accredited Bachelor's Honours Degree in 4 Years

PolyU HKCC 2-year Sub-degree + PolyU SPEED 2-year Bachelor's Degree

PolyU HKCC and PolyU SPEED offer a well-planned pathway to HKCC students who, after completing a 2-year AD or HD programme, can articulate to a SPEED's 2-year honours degree programme – so as to earn a PolyU Accredited Bachelor's Honours Degree with a professional orientation of their choice.

HKCC students to receive early Conditional Offer from SPEED (Applicable to HKCC new intake)

To help HKCC students plan in advance for their further studies, SPEED will offer each HKCC student a Conditional Offer of Admission. Providing that an HKCC student meets the requirements of the Conditional Offer of Admission at the end of his/her first year of studies at HKCC, he/she will be given a Conditional Offer of Admission to a SPEED honours degree programme.

The Conditional Offer is based on the student's current programme of study in HKCC matched to a PolyU-SPEED Award programme of a related discipline (except those students on academic / disciplinary probation).


PolyU HKCC and PolyU SPEED reserve the rights to review and revise the above information from time to time.