Flexibility in Programme Choice to Meet Students’ Needs

Most of HKCC’s programmes are scheme-based. Students who do not want to decide which programme to choose in Year 1 can enrol of the programmes within a scheme. Then before Year 2, they can choose to continue with the programme or switch to another programme within the scheme*. This flexibility allows students to explore their interests and strengths before deciding on the programme that suits them best.

Depending on the subjects studied in Year 1, changing to another programme in Year 2 may entail taking some additional subjects in order to meet the academic requirements of individual programmes. Students who wish to change to language-related programmes will have to fulfil higher language subject requirements.

Over 30 Programmes Spanning Five Domains

HKCC offers over 30 programmes spanning arts, science, social sciences, business and the specialised area of design and health studies. Such a wide variety caters for both the interests of students and the needs of society.

Quality-assured Programmes Accredited by PolyU

Based on PolyU’s quality assurance system, the programmes of HKCC are not only rigourously validated, but also accredited by the PolyU Senate to ensure they meet the requirements of PolyU and the Education Bureau.