A well-thought-out “2+2” articulation pathway for HKCC students

PolyU CPCE offers through its two academic units (HKCC and SPEED) a well-planned “2+2” articulation pathway to HKCC students who, after completing a 2-year AD or HD programme, may articulate to SPEED’s 2-year top-up honours degree programmes leading to PolyU-SPEED awards.

HKCC students to receive early Conditional Offer from SPEED (Applicable to HKCC 2020/21 new intake)

To help HKCC students plan in advance for their further studies, SPEED will offer each HKCC student a Conditional Offer of Admission. Providing that you, as an HKCC student, meet the requirements of the Conditional Offer of Admission (listed below) at the end of your first year of studies at HKCC, you will be given a Conditional Offer of Admission to a SPEED’s top-up honours degree programme1.

Admission to SPEED is subject to successful completion of an HKCC AD or HD programme before the start of the academic year ahead. Students who do not complete their studies in HKCC within the normal study duration will need to follow the prevailing admission criteria and procedures for HKCC students in their actual year of admission to SPEED.


The above information is subject to change.