HKCC received funding of HK$2.4 million from Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund's Quality Enhancement Support Scheme for launching the project "Development of a Web-based Remote Laboratory for Science and Engineering Education" from 2021 to 2024 to establish a remote lab at HKCC.

The learning and teaching of science and engineering subjects have been facing big challenges under the pandemic because of the suspension of all face-to-face laboratory sessions. Since laboratory training is an essential element of science and engineering education, lecturers have to try other means such as performing demonstrations, simulations or virtual laboratories to mitigate the effects. However, these alternatives could not effectively provide students with real-time hands-on learning experiences as they could not see and directly control the laboratory apparatus in "real" time. Hence, through developing a web-based remote laboratory for science and engineering education, this project aims to facilitate students' independent learning, enhance their learning experiences, and minimise the adverse effects created by the suspension of face-to-face laboratory sessions.

This research project is co-led by academic staff from the Division of Science, Engineering and Health Studies: (from left) Dr Ricky Mak (Senior Lecturer), Dr Ken Tsang (Senior Lecturer), Dr Anthony Loh (Division Head), and Dr Kenneth Lo (Senior Lecturer).