A group of sixteen HKCC and SPEED students embarked on the "Kyoto Aesthetic: Literature, Architecture, Craft and Garden" tour from 21 to 27 June 2023 to explore its rich aesthetic legacy. 

During this seven-day tour, the students learned and experienced first-hand the preservation of Japanese culture and its aesthetic value permeating the whole city. They visited temples and gardens in which they found the beautiful quietness of Wabi Sabi-a concept that embraces the beauty of imperfection and impermanence. They also toured museums to appreciate exhibits which showcase the concepts of Japanese aesthetics passing down from generations to generations.  

Lo Chun-hei, a year-one student of Associate in Design (Environment and Interior Design), was amazed by the creativity exhibited by the Karesansui (the dry garden). He shared, "The ancient Japanese who created these gardens used the least amount of materials to convey the richest ideas, and they emphasised creativity in their designs."  

Another student from the same programme, Tsui Tsz-Kin, felt that the trip was illuminating: "I think this seven-day trip not only deepened my understanding of traditional Japanese culture and aesthetics, it also made me become more aware of the importance of tranquillity and inner peace in my life."  

Sixteen students and their lecturer Mr Howard Chang (right) explore the beauty of Kyoto.
Students are captivated by the raked sand and gravel in a serene Japanese temple.