A total of 25 students participated in the "Study and Cultural Tour in Beijing and Inner Mongolia" from 19 to 28 June 2023. This tour aimed at enhancing students' understanding of China and their Putonghua communication skills. 

This 10-day tour's activities included studying the course on "Mandarin, China's National Conditions and North-South Culture" at Beijing Jiaotong University, visiting such historical sites as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, riding horses, joining a campfire night, and enjoying desert scenery on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. 

Wong Po-yan, a year-one student of Associate in Chinese Language and Literature, said, "The combination of 'reading a thousand books' and 'travelling a thousand miles' was far more effective than doing them individually. I could look at the world through my own eyes instead of using the eyes of the authors; my understanding of cultural diversity was also enhanced." 

Lam Chi-chiu, a year-one student of Associate of Arts, said that the trip had enabled him to know more about the culture and history of China and broadened his horizons; moreover, it would bring a far-reaching impact on his future studies and life. 

Attending the course on “Mandarin, China’s National Conditions and North-South Culture” at Beijing Jiaotong University
Travelling to Inner Mongolia to experience the charm of the grasslands and desert