This summer, 21 HKCC students were excited to embark on the "Experience Japanese Language Learning and Authentic Japanese Culture" tour after a long wait due to the pandemic.

Held from 9 to 20 June 2023, this 12-day experiential tour to Nagoya and Hamamatsu aimed at enabling students to learn the basics of the Japanese language and immerse themselves in traditional Japanese culture. Apart from attending Japanese language classes in OISCA College, our students also participated in a series of historical and cultural experience activities. These included interacting with local high school students, joining their school's Mehirugi Festival, experiencing dormitory life, visiting famous landmarks such as Mount Fuji, Oguni-Shrine, and Hamamatsu Castle, learning origami, calligraphy, tea ceremony manners, planting and harvesting corn, trying the traditional onsen, savouring Kaiseki cuisine, and visiting the Suzuki History Museum and Hamamatsu Air Park.

Tsui Hoi-yan, a year-two student of the Associate in Design (Visual Communication), shared, "The most interesting part of the trip was learning about a school rule which prohibited students from interacting with each other and going out after 7 pm. So, we usually finished our dinner as quickly as possible so that we could earn more time to chat with each other and shop at the convenience store. The teacher would also make sure that we strictly followed the school rule."

Our students gather at 5:00 am for corn harvesting.
Students observe the tea-making process and appreciate the Japanese’s dedication to the tea ceremony.