To kick off the 2020/21 academic year, HKCC organised a series of induction activities with the theme of "Step Out". These activities aimed at helping the freshmen of the 34 Associate Degree and Higher Diploma programmes to adapt to college life.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all induction activities had to go online. However, freshmen still participated with great enthusiasm, particularly in sharing sessions and workshops such as "Plan Your Future@FSCC", "Tips for Adjusting to College Life", "Login@CC", "Freeing@CC", "Graduate Sharing – Life at CC and Articulation Plan", and "Empowering through Self-discovery".

Dr Simon Leung, CPCE Associate Dean (Development) and HKCC Director, encourages freshmen in the induction video: "This year's orientation theme is 'Step Out'. We hope each freshman will try more new things and learn more new knowledge and skills during the two years at HKCC. By constantly trying, you will become more mature and get closer to success step by step."

In order to facilitate online teaching and learning, CPCE's Information Technology Unit also made a video with points to note for using online learning platforms. The College has also devoted many resources to enhance online teaching and learning. For example, a studio on the PolyU West Kowloon Campus has been set up for lecturers to prepare quality online lectures. A great variety of hardware and software has also been added to facilitate online assessment and marking.