HKCC believes a meaningful education goes far beyond learning in the classroom. Students need far more than just knowledge – proper attitudes, effective interpersonal, communication and leadership skills, as well as a broad and wholesome outlook of life. To do so, they must participate actively in co-curricular activities. Thus, every academic year, HKCC, the CPCE Student Affairs Office (CSAO) and the CPCE Employability Services Office (CESO) put a premium on nurturing students' whole-person development by providing them with a wide array of activities.

Unlock Students’ Potential and Enhance their Personal Development

Strengthen Students’ Edge in Further Studies and Career Development

Reward Students for Proactive Learning

Provide Opportunities for Students to Serve Society and Fellow Students

Mentorship Programme

By interacting with mentors who have substantial life and working experiences, you will learn to broaden your horizons and acquire a more mature outlook towards your future.

Job Placements (Chinese Mainland)

You will get the chance to work in Chinese cities such as Guangzhou, Xian, Shanghai and Beijing.

International and Cultural Exchanges

Opportunities are available for you to study overseas through exchange programmes and scholarships sponsored by the College.

Further Studies and Career Centre

A Further Studies and Career Centre is established at the two campuses to provide you with a wide range of information, talks, workshops and exhibitions concerning your further studies and career development, so that you can learn more about yourself, your study and career path.

Co-curricular Achievement Transcript

Universities see participation in co-curricular activities as an important criterion for selecting new students. The official "Co-curricular Achievement Transcript" (CAT) issued by the College will help you keep track of your co-curricular development. CAT will increase your chances of being admitted to university.

Achievements, Services to the Community and Scholarships

HKCC offers various types of scholarships and award schemes to recognise students’ academic performance, co-curricular achievements, and dedication to community service. Students can develop a service mind by participating in a series of volunteer activities. Besides, HKCC will also nominate outstanding students for scholarships offered by the HKSAR Government and various organisations.