HKCC Scholarships, Financial Assistance and Student Support Funds

HKCC offers a wide portfolio of scholarships, financial assistance and student support funds to students every year. The College regards the provision of scholarships and student support funds as part and parcel of its education approach and vision – the provision of a holistic and quality education. Our aim is to unleash students’ potential and broaden their horizons, which will in turn enhance their academic and career prospects.

Recognising outstanding performance in academic studies and co-curricular/ non-academic activities

PolyU HKCC Outstanding Freshman Scholarship

To recognise freshmen’s outstanding performance in all-round development during their secondary school years.

PolyU HKCC Outstanding Student Award

To recognise the academic achievements of students during their first year of study at HKCC.

PolyU HKCC Outstanding Co-curricular Achievement Scholarship

To recognise students’ outstanding co-curricular achievements in the areas of services, leadership of student organisations, sports, and arts etc.

PolyU HKCC Language Proficiency Attainment Scholarship

To encourage students to take the initiative to improve their proficiency in English, Putonghua, Japanese and Cantonese by taking part in relevant language tests and to attain higher scores.

PolyU HKCC Academic Progress Award

To encourage and recognise students with substantial improvement in their studies in the academic year.

PolyU HKCC Back-to-School Scholarship

To encourage "back-to-school" students to achieve their dream of earning a bachelor's degree. Admittees with at least nine months' full-time work experience before 1 September 2022, and attaining a GPA of 3.0 or above at HKCC in Semester One, 2022/23, are eligible to apply for this scholarship amounting up to HK$10,000. Application period: December 2022 – January 2023.

HKCC Scholarship for PolyU Outstanding Sportsmen

To recognise students of PolyU Sports Teams with outstanding achievement in sports.
Supporting learning and all round development

PolyU HKCC Learning Support Fund

To help students with financial difficulties by subsidising part of their expenses related to learning support. An emergency fund to meet the learning needs of students struck by disaster is also included.

PolyU HKCC Personal Development Fund

To provide more opportunities for students to participate in personal enhancement courses, including art, crafts, sports and skills broadening, by subsidising part of the course fee.

PolyU HKCC Short Trip Support Fund

To provide more opportunities for students to enforce their academic/ personal knowledge and understand real-life situations by subsidising part of their expenses of short trips or visits organised by the College.
Encouraging internationalisation and cultural exchange

PolyU HKCC Travelling Scholarship

To provide more opportunities for students to widen their horizons by subsidising part of their expenses of various overseas or mainland study tours and cultural exchanges.

PolyU HKCC International Summer School Scholarship

To provide an opportunity for outstanding students to have an extended stay overseas through studying at an overseas university during the summer and interacting with students of other nationalities.

PolyU HKCC Mainland/ Overseas Placement Scholarship

To provide more opportunities for students to participate in Mainland China/ overseas summer placements organised by the College by paying part of their air ticket and accommodation expenses.
The College reserves the right to revise the information on the scholarships, finance assistance and student support funds above without prior notice.