Dr HO, Robbie Ming-hon 何名瀚
Dr HO, Robbie Ming-hon
BSc, MArt (NSW); MPhil, PhD (C.U.H.K.)
Teaching and Scholarly Interests:
Research-Scholarly Activities Professional Activities/Achievements

Dr Robbie Ho obtained his Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Master of Art in Time-based Art from the University of New South Wales in Australia; he then earned his Master and Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Dr Ho likes applying what he learns to his hobbies. He has a special interest in the performing arts, leading him to apply psychological research methods to studying street performance (aka busking) on topics such as the audience's experience of street performance and the impact of street performance on people's perception of public spaces.

Dr Ho joined this institution in the summer of 2020; he wishes to share what he knows and is experienced of with other people in a way that is fun and lively.