Ms MAN, Sandy Ka-yin 文家燕
Ms MAN, Sandy Ka-yin
BSocSc, MPhil (C.U.H.K.)
Teaching and Scholarly Interests:

Ms Sandy Man Ka-yin obtained her bachelor's degree and master's degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong where she majored in Psychology. Her research interests lie mainly in emotional experiences and expression, interpersonal communication and relationships, as well as personality and social psychology. Ms Man presented her dissertation on the topic of “Factors underlying Emotional Communication among College Students in Hong Kong” in the 8th European Congress of Psychology held in Vienna.

Before joining HKCC, Ms Man had worked as a demonstrator in the Department of Psychology at The University of Hong Kong. During her enthusiastic teaching years, Ms Man gained substantial experience in learning and teaching. She has taught a wide range of courses, such as Introduction to Psychology, Psychology of Personality, Social Psychology, Educational Psychology, Abnormal Psychology and Counselling Psychology.

Apart from teaching, Ms Man also helped the General Education Unit of The University of Hong Kong to conduct summer workshops on “Creativity Thinking and Multiple Intelligences” for high-achieving senior secondary school students. Through her work, Ms Man has clearly demonstrated her passion and enthusiasm for stimulating students' intellectual potentials and for fostering their character development. Her educational aspiration is to apply the learned knowledge for the goodness of one’s own and of the others.