Dr FU, Idy Chui-yuk 傅翠玉
Dr FU, Idy Chui-yuk
BN (Technol.Syd.); MPHC (U.W.S); DN, PgCert (H.K.); RN
Teaching and Scholarly Interests:

Dr Idy Fu is a registered nurse with more than ten years of clinical practice specialising in cancer care. She completed her Bachelor of Nursing degree at the University of Technology Sydney in Australia in 1997. She further attained her master's and doctoral degrees in 2001 and 2013 respectively.

Starting her teaching career in the late 1990s, Dr Fu has rich experience in teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate nursing programmes. Prior to joining HKCC, she worked as a lecturer at the School of Nursing of The University of Hong Kong and later an assistant professor at the School of Nursing of Tung Wah College. She enjoys interacting with students, sharing her life experience with them, and providing them with necessary guidance for their personal development and future academic pursuits.

Dr Fu's research focuses on public health, in particular maternal and child health, cancer prevention, and infectious disease prevention.