Dr SHI, Huiwen  時惠文
Dr SHI, Huiwen
BA (Fudan); MA (Lingnan); MPhil (C.U.H.K.); PhD (H.K.); 國家語委普通話水平測試
Teaching and Scholarly Interests:
Research-Scholarly Activities

Huiwen completed her PhD in the School of English at the University of Hong Kong, writing about contemporary poetry and poetics.

She has a BA in English from Fudan University, an MA in Chinese Literature from Lingnan University, and an MPhil in English literary studies from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Since she began her literary education at Fudan, she has researched critical and comparative approaches to literature. Beginning in 2007, she has applied her ideas in teaching Hong Kong students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the University of Hong Kong, and HKCC. She has taught courses such as 'Introduction to Literature', 'English for Academic Studies', 'Business Communication', 'English Stylistics and Rhetoric', 'Oral Communication in English', and 'Creative Writing'. In these different courses she has emphasized both the practical side of language learning and the critical/creative edge developed through cultural cultivation. Her teaching aims to make multilingualism the basis for students to become global citizens and cosmopolitan humanists.

Her research interests lie in contemporary poetics, translation, Hong Kong theatre, life writing, and comparative literature.