Dr CHU, Po-ying  朱寶盈
Dr CHU, Po-ying
BA, MPhil, PhD (C.U.H.K.)
Teaching and Scholarly Interests:

Dr Chu Po-ying obtained her Bachelor of Arts, Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy in Chinese Language and Literature from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). She specialises in classical Chinese literature, and her research interests lie in traditional Chinese poetry, Chinese literary thought and Chinese culture.

Her PhD thesis aimed at studying the relationship between the phenomenal admiration towards Du Fu of the Song literati and the Song-styled culture, which is reflected in the remarks of poetry in the Song Dynasty. the remarks of poetry in the Song Dynasty in order to understand the relationship between Song literati’s respect for Du Fu and the Song-style culture.

Besides, she has also participated and presented papers in different international conferences, such as the Annual Harvard East Asia Society Graduate Student Conference at Harvard University and the International Conference on Pre-Han and Han Traditional Chinese Texts organised by CUHK.

Before joining HKCC, Dr Chu worked as a tutor for the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of CUHK. She was responsible for the tutorial teaching of several subjects, including “Shi Jing”, “Literary Criticism”, “Classical Drama”, “The Peony Pavilion”, “Classical Fiction”, “Research and Academic Writing”, and “Selected Topics of Language Education in Hong Kong”.

She also provided translation services for the Office of University General Education in CUHK and the Centro de Actividades Educativas da Taipa of Macao SAR in translating programme brief from English into Chinese and manuscripts from written Cantonese into Mandarin.