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Graduate Articulation Overview
2018 HKCC Graduates’ Articulation Rate Reached 88.2%,
with a Record High of 61.2% Admitted to Government-funded Programmes 

According to the HKCC Graduate Survey 2018, a total of 2,384 graduates articulated to bachelor’s degree programmes, representing a high articulation rate of 88.2%. Among those:

  1. 61.2% (1,458) were admitted to government-funded bachelor's degree programmes, a record high. 
  2. 48.5% (1,156) were getting into UGC Senior Year Places which also attained a historic high record.

Regarding articulation opportunities provided by PolyU, among 2,384 graduates who articulated into bachelor's degree programmes, 26% were admitted to PolyU, while 16.5% enrolled on self-financed top-up honours degree programmes offered by PolyU SPEED. (Click here to learn more about PolyU SPEED’s Conditional Offer Scheme for HKCC graduates.)

From the first cohort of graduates in 2003 to those in 2018, over 25,200 HKCC graduates have articulated into bachelor’s degree studies. This represents a 16-year average articulation rate of 81.5%, which ranks among the highest in Hong Kong. 

The pie chart below gives you an overall picture of the distribution of articulated graduates by number and university/ institution in 2018.

(Please click the image to enlarge the pie chart.)
Number of graduates 3,150
Number of respondents 2,704
Response rate 85.8%
Number of articulated graduates 2,384
Overall articulation rate 88.2%
   Gov’t-funded Portion 61.2%
   Portion for degree programmes
   leading to awards of the 8 local universities
Source: 2018 HKCC Graduate Survey
(figures as at October 2018)
In 2018, a total of 2,384 graduates articulated to bachelor’s degree programmes. The articulation rate reached 88.2%. Among those, 1,458 (61.2%) were admitted to government-funded bachelor's degree programmes, which hit a record high.