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Articulation with PolyU SPEED
HKCC+SPEED=CPCE “2+2” Pathway to PolyU Accredited Degrees

College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE) is an affiliate of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), overseeing the operations of two education units, namely Hong Kong Community College (HKCC) and School of Professional Education and Executive Development (SPEED). Among the many articulation opportunities that are available for HKCC sub-degree graduates to advance to Bachelor’s degree programmes, CPCE offers a flexible “2+2” articulation pathway.

With the “2+2” articulation pathway, students who have completed the 2-year Associate Degree (AD) or Higher Diploma (HD) programmes at HKCC may articulate to the 2-year top-up honours degree programmes offered by SPEED, leading to PolyU or PolyU-SPEED awards.

HKCC graduates may apply for admission to the following three types of top-up degree programmes offered by SPEED:
  1. Top-up Honours Degree Programmes/Schemes Leading to PolyU-SPEED Awards

    SPEED provides a Conditional Offer Scheme# specially for HKCC graduates. As an HKCC student, you will receive from SPEED a conditional offer of admission into one of its top-up honours degree programmes/schemes leading to a PolyU-SPEED award* at the start of your 1st semester at HKCC. All of the PolyU-SPEED award top-up honours degree programmes are offered in full-time study mode with a normal duration of 2 years, while part-time study mode with a normal duration being 4 years is also available for some programmes. If you, as an HKCC student, meet the following conditions at the end of your 3rd semester of study at HKCC and complete your study within the specified study period at HKCC, you will be eligible to register at SPEED:

    1. GPA Requirements

      A Cumulative GPA of 2.8 or above by the end of the 3rd semester of study in an HKCC AD or HD programme in related disciplines.

    2. English Requirements

      An average grade of at least C+ in English subjects required in an HKCC AD or HD programme.

    3. Programme-specific Requirements

      Particular PolyU-SPEED award top-up honours degree programmes will have programme-specific requirements that are uniformly applied to all students interested in the same programme.

    In case you are unable to fulfil the above requirements (a) & (b), you may still be considered for admission, but this will be subject to the availability of places and your interview performance.

    For details on top-up honours degree programmes leading to PolyU-SPEED awards and their specific admission requirements, please refer to PolyU SPEED website.

    # The Conditional Offer Scheme does not apply to top-up honours degree programmes leading to PolyU awards and overseas awards.

    * Specific programmes may require shortlisted candidates to pass an interview in order to be eligible for admission.

  2. Top-up Honours Degree Programmes Leading to PolyU Awards

    SPEED works closely with other faculties and departments of PolyU in offering top-up honours degree programmes leading to PolyU awards. Apart from collaborating with PolyU’s Faculty of Health and Social Sciences as well as Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies in offering 2-year full-time programmes, SPEED also cooperates with PolyU’s Department of English in providing a 4-year part-time programme.

    For details on PolyU award programmes, please refer to PolyU SPEED website.

  3. Programmes Leading to Overseas Awards

    SPEED collaborates with renowned overseas institutions, namely Northumbria University and the University of London International Programmes in offering programmes leading to overseas awards and preparatory courses respectively in Hong Kong, with the aim of providing ample opportunities for you to pursue your interest and aspiration after graduation from HKCC.

    For details on programmes leading to overseas awards, please refer to PolyU SPEED website.