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Division of Science and Technology
Division Head 學部主任
BSc, PhD (London); PCIT (Open H.K.); ARCS; DIC
Associate Division Head 副學部主任
BSc, MMath (N.S.W.); MBA (AGSM); EdD (W. Aust.); PMP
Principal Lecturer 首席講師
BEng (H.K.); MSc [PolyU(H.K.)]; PhD (C.U.H.K.); CEng; MIET; MIEEE
BEng, MEng (McGill); EdD (W.Aust.); PgDEd (H.K. Baptist U.); RT; MHKCS; MIEEE
Senior Lecturer 高級講師
BEng, PhD [PolyU(H.K.)]
BSc, MPhil, PhD (H.K.)
BSc (Greenwich); MPhil, PhD [PolyU(H.K.)]
BSc, MPhil (H.K.); PhD (H.K.U.S.T.)
BEng, PhD [PolyU(H.K.)]
BEng (H.K.Poly.); PhD [PolyU(H.K.)]
BSc, PgDip, PhD [PolyU(H.K.)]
BEng, PhD [PolyU(H.K.)]; MHKIE; MCIBSE; CEng
Lecturer 講師
BBA (Lingnan); MSc (Brist.); MA (Macq.)
BSc, MPhil (C.U.H.K.); PgDEd, PhD (H.K. Baptist U.); MRSC; RT
BSc, MPhil (C.U.H.K.); PhD [PolyU(H.K.)]; FHKASMSS
BEng, MPhil, PhD (C.U.H.K.)
BBA, MPhil (Lingnan)
BSc (HKBC); PgCertEd (H.K.); MSc [PolyU(H.K.)]; MSc (C.U.H.K.); PhD (Shanghai U. of Finance & Econ); SHKIM
BEng (Brad); MBA (H-W); PhD (Lond.)
BN (La Trobe); PgDip [PolyU(H.K.)]; MHA (N.S.W.); RN
BEng, MEd, MPhil, PhD (H.K.)
BSc, PhD (C.U.H.K.)
BEng (Car.); GDip, MEng (Syd.); MSc (H.K.); MPhil [PolyU(H.K.)]; MHKIE
BSc (N.S.W.); Dip(ND) (Syd.)
BSc, MPhil (C.U.H.K.); PhD (Calif.)
BSc, MPhil, PgDipEd (H.K.); PhD [PolyU(H.K.)]
BEng, PhD [PolyU(H.K.)]
BSc (Plym.); MMedSc, PhD (H.K.)
BBA (Hons.), PhD (City H.K.); MA (H.K.)
BHS (Monash); PgD, MSc [PolyU(H.K.)]; RN
BSc, MPhil (C.U.H.K.); PhD (State U. of New York)
BSc, MSc (S. Fraser)
BSc (Plym.); MPhil, PhD [PolyU(H.K.)]
BEng, PhD (H.K.); PgDipEd (H.K.I.Ed); MIET
BEng, PhD [PolyU(H.K.)]
EngD (City H.K.); MSc (Warwick); MPhil (H.K.); HD [PolyU(H.K.)]; CISA
BSc, MSc [PolyU(H.K.)]; PDip (C.U.H.K.); RN
BSc (Lond.); MTM (H.K.U.S.T.)
BEng, MEd, PhD (H.K.)
BN (Monash); MN (Syd.); RN; RTN; FHKAN
BSc (City Poly.H.K.); MA (H.K.)
BCompSc (Minn.); MPhil [PolyU(H.K.)]; EdD (Leic.); MIEEE; OCP
BSc (Lond.); PhD (Glas.)
BSc (Paisley); BN (H.K.); MSc (C.U.H.K.); RN
BEng (Peking U.); PhD (H.K.U.S.T.)
Assistant Lecturer 助理講師
BEng, MPhil (H.K.U.S.T.)
Senior Technical Officer 高級技術主任
BSc (City H.K.); MSc [PolyU(H.K.)]
Technical Officer 技術主任
BSc, MPhil (H.K. Baptist U.)