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Institutional Learning Outcomes

All Associate Degree (AD) and Higher Diploma (HD) programmes of HKCC are designed to help students achieve the following six institutional learning outcomes at a standard that is achievable for a two-year full-time sub-degree programme, commensurate with the Qualifications Framework and Level 4 Generic Level Descriptors, and meets the competence level required of an associate professional:

Lifelong Learner: Graduates should recognise the need for continual learning and self-development, and be able to plan, manage and improve their own learning for future academic pursuit and other self-determined development goals.

Competent Associate Professional: Graduates should be able to integrate and apply in practice the fundamental knowledge and skills required for functioning effectively as an entry-level associate professional.

Critical Thinker: Graduates should be able to examine the validity of information, arguments, and different viewpoints, and reach a sound judgement on the basis of credible evidence and logical reasoning.

Effective Communicator: Graduates should be able to comprehend and communicate effectively in English and Chinese, orally and in writing, in professional and daily contexts.

Practical Problem Solver: Graduates should be able to identify and define problems in professional and daily contexts, and produce workable solutions to the problems.

Ethical Citizen: Graduates should acknowledge their responsibilities as associate professionals and citizens to the society and their own nation, and be able to demonstrate ethical reasoning in professional and daily contexts.